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Side-by Side and Virtual Coaching

Sample Workshops

The Intersection between Response to Intervention and Differentiated Instruction: Strategies and Activities that work for all students.

There are many factors to consider when teaching students with emerging literacy skills. These fun interactive sessions will help new and experienced educators successfully match instructional strategies, interventions, modifications, and accommodations with essential literacy concepts and various learner styles. 

Equity Classroom: Using restorative justice to ignite academic success with African American students.

Through this professional development series, educators will participate in self-reflective strategies designed to develop sound judgment, problem-solving abilities, make rational inferences, cultivate the ability to separate facts from opinions and examine issues from multiple perspectives 

Cultivating the Principal as an Equity Driven Leader

Equity driven leaders plan, problem-solve and sustain the campus climate through a sharp equity lens. Equity driven leaders develop processes to diagnose, evaluate and establish equity in culture, policies, programs, and practices within a school. They model equitable behaviors and set direction; they shape an environment where equity and excellence are the criterion for everything; they promote effective educators, both personally and professionally; and they are passionate about student academic success (Leithwood, 2004). 

These interactive hands-on workshops support school leaders to implement concrete strategies for building a more inclusive school community where all students can experience academic success.

Why educators choose SLS

Our educational solution team is the most passionate and knowledgeable in the industry. Our understanding of pedagogy, methodology and national and state regulations make our workshops meaningful and relevant. Since 2009 we have trained more than 1000 educators in Response to Intervention, the special education process, curriculum equity, and curriculum planning and evaluation.


Our presenters utilize scientifically based research in serving special populations through an equity lens. We develop and implement trainings based on best practice and federal guidelines, so that workshop goals are aligned with state and national teacher competencies. 

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