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About Us

Strengthening teachers to develop equity practices. 

About Us:


SLS develops and implements programming that promotes equity in teaching and learning. SLS

provides meaningful resources to students, educators, schools and districts to foster equitable learning

environments. SLS is a premier professional development and consultation service with a focus

on equity and empowerment of marginalized student groups and the educators supporting

these students.



Through an equity and growth mindset, problems become challenges which inspire us to find

unique methods to strengthen teaching practices and improve learning for all students. The SLS

approach transforms everyday problems into unique opportunities. SLS is a global leader in

solutions and strength- based professional development and consultation for educators,

schools and districts.


SLS Commitment:

SLS is committed to strengthening compliance-based practices. We are committed to providing

the best and most advanced practices in equity development and improving teaching and

learning for all students through:

  • Research- based equity practices in learning and teaching

  • Meaningful resources to strengthen educators to build equitable learning environments,

  • Critical planning and classroom management skills

  • Empowerment of under-served student groups with an emphasis on students in special


Our Approach:

We believe that every educator has the privilege of shaping the world through education. Therefore, our unique approach incorporates tailored training using The Equity Mindset Framework developed by Derdrie Williams in 2018 (Brown, Williams, Williams, Smith, & Corbie-Archey, 2019)[i]. The Equity Mindset revolves around five core educational principles Equity Consciousness, Managing the Classroom, Socio-Emotional, Quality Teaching, and Learning and Nurturing relationships.

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​  Brown, K., Williams, D., Williams, K., Smith, S., and Corbie-Archey, D. (2019).  Revisiting the Promise of Education for the African American Child: 65 Years Post Brown vs. Board of Education. Houston, TX: Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE).

  • Culturally responsive pedagogy, lesson planning and classroom discipline

  • Trauma informed approaches to support healthy social and emotional interactions 

  • Restorative discipline for class and school

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)- Through an equity lens  

  • Brain-based teaching methodology and lesson planning

  • Cross-curricula equity programming for grade level teaming

  • Community and Family Engagement

  • Leadership for School-Wide Equity 

Our Approach
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Our Team

Dr. Danielle Corbie-Archey, Director

Educator. Visioneer. Strategist.

Dr. Archey has more than 20 years in education, ranging from instruction to program supervision. Her main focus has always been solution-based assistance for special populations. Danielle has expertise in developing and implementing curriculum, language and cultural equity, and curriculum evaluation. Dr. Archey has directed national and international academic programs at all grade levels. She has prepared and presented professional development, institutes, and workshops at national and international conferences.


She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Master of Education with an emphasis in special education. She is currently a  professor of education with expertise in special populations, equity, and culturally responsive pedagogy.


Dr. Archey is a certified Educational Diagnostician and holds two-lifetime teaching certifications in Special-Education, and English as a Second Language (ESL). 

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